Ruobing Xia Mia, MBA

President & Founder of Life Science Quest, LLC

Ruobing Xia founded Life Science Quest, LLC two years ago. With her passion for healthcare transformation, her company focused on helping business in life science industry to advance its technology, build modern healthcare systems and deliver innovative solutions to maximize their growth and deliver quality products and services to customers. She oversees global strategy, business development, and commercial operations. Previously, she had a progressive career working with Eli Lilly and Company and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Her contributions spanned many cross-functional areas including sales and marketing strategy, product launches, business development and licensing, all informed by her early career in foreign trade, international banking, finance, and venture development. Ruobing holds Masters degrees in International Affairs (finance) from Columbia University in New York City and Business Administration from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Dr. Wolfgang Renz

Dr. Wolfgang Renz (PhD) has been a leader for startups and corporations over the last two decades, delivering significant commercial successes by identifying and exploiting new business opportunities across the health care industry. Dr. Renz is former Corporate Vice President at Boehringer Ingelheim GMBH, where he had global responsibility for new business models and healthcare innovation. His unique combination of medical expertise -- he is Adjunct Professor of Experimental Surgery on McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine -- with global business acumen enable Dr. Renz to be effective in leadingM&A opportunities in pharmaceutical industry, and in driving the growth of new health care businesses.